Ronda Kennedy Sues META For Foreign Hack of Her Facebook

Las Vegas, NV/Oct. 31, 2023 – Nevada’s U.S. Senate candidate, Ronda Kennedy, has announced legal proceedings against Meta, the corporate entity behind Facebook. The lawsuit alleges multiple breaches, which center around unauthorized access to her Facebook account by a foreign company believed to be based in Vietnam. See Complaint Here:

The intrusion into Kennedy’s Facebook page, a pivotal channel for her US Senate campaign, has severely hampered her outreach and campaign activities. The alleged interference by this foreign entity raises significant concerns about foreign election interference, a matter of national security that strikes at the heart of American democracy.

The complaint also cites that potential supporters of Kennedy’s campaign might have been misled due to this unauthorized access, further emphasizing the dangers such actions pose to the integrity of the electoral process. The complaint alleges that the actions taken by the foreign entity, as well as the lack of adequate response from Meta, may have influenced the direction and success of her political campaign, potentially steering away valuable engagement and financial contributions.

“In an era where digital platforms hold immense power, it’s crucial that entities like Meta are held accountable,” said Kennedy. “This is not just about my campaign but is a larger statement on the sanctity of our democratic processes, especially when foreign interference is at play. These, Social Media Platforms are the modern-day town square where candidates like myself,  can go engage the public.”

The lawsuit also highlights concerns regarding perceived biases against Kennedy’s political party by the platform, questioning whether there is an equitable application of Meta’s policies across the political spectrum.

Kennedy and her legal team are urgently seeking a preliminary injunction against Meta. They demand the immediate restoration of her Facebook account and a comprehensive review to ensure the integrity of all associated data.

As the electoral process continues, this case underscores the challenges posed by digital platforms and foreign interventions, emphasizing the need for vigilance and accountability.

About Ronda Kennedy:

Ronda Kennedy, an unwavering advocate and dedicated public servant, is currently contesting for a U.S. Senate seat in Nevada. With her strong legal and public service background, Kennedy is determined to champion causes that resonate with the needs and aspirations of the people of Nevada.

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