Meet Conservative Nevada Republican

Ronda Kennedy for U.S. Senate


Conservative Republican Ronda Kennedy for U.S. Senate is a proud mother of six, fiercely dedicated to protecting her family and the nation. 

Ronda’s journey from a hardworking building inspector, paralegal, and attorney to a devoted mother and a fierce advocate for justice captures the spirit of the American Dream. Standing firmly with President Donald Trump, Ronda is committed to a pro-Trump, America First agenda that champions the Second Amendment, law enforcement, and protecting our children from threats at home and abroad.

Kennedy Family

Tough On Crime

Ronda's stance on crime is clear: illegal immigrants are criminals. Ronda will join forces with President Trump to jail Soros-funded prosecutors, who have endangered our communities with their pro-criminal track record. She will restore law and order, deport every last illegal immigrant, and advocate for the full prosecution of anti-America figures like Letitia James, Fani Willis, and Alvin Bragg.

Ronda Police

Defend The Second Amendment

Ronda Kennedy is not just a supporter of the Second Amendment; she's a proven warrior for gun rights. Her landmark victory in a pro-gun lawsuit during the pandemic is a beacon of hope for supporters of the right to bear arms across the nation. This crucial win challenged the unconstitutional closure of gun stores, setting a vital precedent for the protection of our Second Amendment rights. Standing shoulder to shoulder with President Trump, Ronda is steadfast in her resolve to counteract radical liberal efforts, led by Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen, to infringe upon our God-given right to bear arms.

Kennedy Kids

Protecting Our Children

The role of 'mother' is Ronda's most cherished title. It fuels her commitment to the safety and well-being of all children. Violence on our streets, the divisive "woke" ideologies infiltrating our kids’ schools, or the influence of the CCP online—Ronda will do whatever it takes to eliminate these threats to our children. In partnership with President Trump, she is dedicated to securing our streets, eliminating “woke” ideology from our education system, and permanently blocking the CCP’s access to our children's data.


Ronda Farm