An incredible and patriotic poem given to me by a supporter that she wrote days after the world stopped turning. Thank you for sharing this with me.


By: Marsha Sortomme  
Terrorists attack the World Trade Center Buildings, The Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania).

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 (A Day of Infamy!) 

Amidst the fallen ash and metal bending,
Amidst the belching smoke, that scars the air;
Amidst the miles of rubble, present danger,
The people that we love, are buried there.

Amidst the sweat and blood, and tears a’flowin’
Entwined, engulfed, in endless, wretched soot,
Brave men and women, through the night keep going,
Perhaps one more, is saved, through labor’s fruit.

And into heaven God receives his children,
Y’can see them rising up inside your mind;
Struck down by hate, their souls onward, ascending,
As angels, now, to guide those left behind,

And though we have been struck with vile disaster,
The enemies, against freedom, do conspire,
Their deadly acts, are remembered, ever after,
And r’sealed into our minds, like stamps of fire!

Outside for days, our families, are crying,
Now words, no news, just pictures held up high;
Heart’s broken, minds shattered, like the crumbling;
Of the symbols of destruction, on ground and sky.

But with resolve, we’ll rise up past the rubble,
And wash our sullen spirits, clean of fear;
For we’re  AMERICANS, we’ll fight, preserving freedom,
Let our shouts echo, to the countries, far and near.

We stand together, nations, with same-pain calling,
To every man and woman, ‘gainst the foe again,
God Bless America, for you, we’ll never falter,
And those who perished, shall not ‘er, have died, in vain!