Congress has forgotten their purpose, they have lost their way, and the people of California and America are paying the price for it. Congress is more concerned with fighting amongst each other that even obvious problems aren’t being solved. Common-sense solutions are discarded, and our lives and futures are being placed at risk because career politicians would rather campaign as someone “resisting” than as problem solvers working for the good of our country.

When our “Founding Fathers” met as the Continental Congress, to determine the fate of the 13 colonies, they all came from different backgrounds, religions, and political ideologies. Yet in those tense congressional sessions, they put their differences aside, listened to one another, and as a result, declared our independence, creating the foundation to build the nation we have today.

This should be the spirit of today’s Congress.

Fire and Emergency Response

Wildfire season is upon us. I propose having 3 new federally funded multi-function helicopters in Southern California. These government agency helicopters are shared and can be used for water drops, crime-fighting, and emergency responses.

Energy and the Environment

I believe in abundant clean energy powered by wind, solar, and hydroelectric dams. Rolling blackouts will be a thing of the past.

COVID-19 Pandemic

We need to beat this pandemic once and for all. The most vulnerable Americans need to be kept safe. I propose that we develop a 15-minute COVID-19 test that has a cost of $5.00. Millions of these tests will be produced and distributed. This will allow for our economy and our schools to safely reopen.

Jobs and the Economy 

The government doesn’t create jobs, but while good policies can encourage job creation and economic growth, bad policies can eliminate jobs.  The pandemic has caused our economy to lose millions of jobs. The Democrats and my opponent under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi have blocked the latest stimulus package which we NEED here in Ventura County. I will fight for CA-26 to get another stimulus bill passed. The Democrats on Capitol Hill are playing politics as usual and this is hurting families here in CA-26. As a black woman and a small business owner, I understand the importance of having opportunities available to the entire community. I’ll support infrastructure policies needed for small businesses and industry, to increase and support business growth which increases job growth. We have to get all the lost jobs back!

Support Law Enforcement AND Fight for Racial Equality

I believe we can do both! I support the police and all law enforcement. They maintain our civil society and keep us safe. Who else are you going to call when somebody is breaking into your home at 2 am? Police budgets should be increased or at the very minimum, fully funded. Departments around this nation need to hire more qualified police officers, get better training and have the best equipment possible. Reducing police on the streets or defunding the police is not an option. Some communities may have a negative view of the police, and we need to invest more in these areas. Better police outreach programs and recruitment training will improve community relations.

National Defense & Our Veterans

I come from a family with a long history of military service, including a dad who served in Vietnam, so taking care of the men and women who have served us has long been important to me. I’m proud to have been involved with veteran support groups and will always make veterans and defense of this nation my top priority. That means giving our military the tools and weapons it needs to fight, win, and come home quickly.

Border Security / Immigration Reform

The most glaring example of how dysfunctional Congress can be is seen in our immigration system. The inflow of people overwhelms our nation’s ability to process, identify, track, or even care for them.  I support Immigration Reform by working with both sides of the aisle to come up with comprehensive immigration reform.

FHA Program